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WELCOME to Compliance Manager

Both Worlds Software's Compliance Manager is a DUI Software program built specifically for DUI and DDP administration to centralize management of client demographic information, required education courses, group sessions and individual appointments. All related financials, letters and state reporting stats are available at a button press!



Both Worlds' Customers

Contact us today for a brief demonstration to learn how our system can make your office a little greener. With less paper to handle and quicker reports, the time you save goes directly to your clients and your bottom line.

Our database system allows DUI Companies to streamline their current operations, eliminate redundancy, allow for better reporting, and increased efficiency. Easy workflow screens keep staff productive -
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Use Compliance Manager for:

Personal Client Data and Enrollment Information

Assignment and recording of class participation and treatment referrals

Single and multiple appointment scheduling

Billing, Payment Plans and Late Fee Tracking

One button uploads to state and local regulatory agencies

Quick Reports for 21 Day Inactivity and 10 Day Certificate Issuance

Full course scheduling for DUI, Special Supervision or Traffic Education Programs

Certificate Generation and inventory tracking

Client tracking and reminder notes

State reporting of client status and completion data

Financial reports by location, date and staff person with or without client detail

Multi-level security by staff person and screen; audit trails

Instructor accreditation

Place of Last Drink (POLD) and MAST integrated surveys

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